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What to expect when the Grandmother Giant comes to Limerick...

Wednesday August 20, 2014

After nine months of Limerick National City of Culture's programme of culturally captivating events, Limerick is going to be opening its arms to one of the most exhilarating spectacles in the city's history.

The Grandmother Giant's performance over the course of the three days will be Ireland's most soulful spectacle of 2014.

According to the Irish Times, the Giant's visit turns the "focus of the entire city on the single event", making the Royal De Luxe showcase a centrepiece for virtuosic festivities and excitement.

No matter what street the audience is on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday , the Royal De Luxe crew will have a strong presence in Limerick City, even when the Grandmother has passed through.

And for those who are wondering when they will get a chance to see her gentle face, hear her voice when she tells her stories of Ireland and the Giant's ; don't worry, because she is 3 storey's tall, this makes her evidently visible to all spectators!

With the Grandmother will be a troop of Lilliputians, dressed in velour-velvet uniform, guiding the 85-year-old through many of Limerick's streets. And behind the Giant, a live band performing the music composed for the Grandmother Giant and played for the duration of the street performance. Smetimes local musicians, performers and others will join in. And there are further suprises at various points along the route. 

Royal De Luxe's charm and beauty lies with the diversity of the entire show and the eclectic range of spectators it attracts.

The Grandmother Giant will be walking a total 19km over the three days, and will be stopping intermittently, so this gives all visitors a chance to explore the city.

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