Sports Facilities

Baton Twirling

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Train in the Home of Champions at Ireland's Sporting Campus

Swimming Pool

UL Sport Arena

The University Sports Arena is renowned for sporting facilities.The trainers and organisers at the University Sports Arena know how to put performance first. The Sports Arena is the ideal venue for professional athlete training, coaching and major sporting events.

UL activity centre

UL Activity Centre

Situated just outside the attractive village of Killaloe, the UL Activity Centre is a great addition to any event or simply a great way to destress and build bonds. 


Outdoor Facilities

Whether you are holding a tournament, organising a competition or looking for something unique to add to your conference package the University of Limerick offers the ideal location with a wide range of outdoor sporting facilities. 

North Campus Pitches

North Campus Synthetic Pitches

This multi-purpose, fully-floodlit synthetic grass park contains third generation pitches including two soccer, one rugby and two GAA pitches. Third generation all-weather surfaces plays like natural grass and are designed for full contact.This is the largest artificial grass development in Ireland to date designed to IRB, GAA and FIFA specifications.


The Event Managers organise tailored team training camps, tournaments, team bonding and fun days to suit each group's individual needs. The Event Managers take care of all your team requirements including special dietary catering needs, on-campus accommodation, all indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, specific team health, nutrition and motivation consultations for players.

Rugby Training