Conference Facilities

Conference Facilities at a Glance

 UNIVERSITY CONCERT HALL (Foundation Building)

Room NameStyle/Set-upCapacityEquipment
University Concert Hall Theatre 1000 Full AV
FG042 Theatre 250 LCD/S/PC
FB028 Theatre 150 LCD/S/PC
UCH Atrium Exhibition/Catering 100-1000 Flexible


Main Building

Room NameStyle/Set-upCapacityEquipment
Jean Monnet Theatre 320 Full AV
EGO10 Exhibition/Catering 50-300 Flexible
Johnathan Swift Theatre 250 LCD/S/PC
Charles Parsons Theatre 100 LCD/S/PC
John Holland Theatre 100 LCD/S/PC
C1-058 Classroom 50 LCD/S/PC
C1-059 Classroom 60 LCD/S/PC
C1-060 Classroom 60 LCD/S/PC
C1-061 Classroom 60 LCD/S/PC
C1-062 Classroom 40 LCD/S/PC


Kemmy Business School

Room NameStyle/Set-upCapacityEquipment
KBG12 Theatre 360 Full AV
KBG13 Tiered classroom 50 LCD/S/PC
KBG14 Tiered classroom 50 LCD/S/PC
KBG15 Tiered classroom 50 LCD/S/PC
KBG10 Classroom 48 LCD/S/PC
KBG11 Classroom 48 LCD/S/PC
KB117 Classroom 48 LCD/S/PC
KB118 Classroom 30 LCD/S/PC
Computer Lab Classroom 30 PCs x 30


Full AV = Projection room, sound and lighting.

LCD = LCD screen on ceiling of theatre/room.

S = Screen in-built in theatre/room.

PC = Computer in-built to theatre/room and connected to LCD.  Microsoft Office loaded on all computers.  Please advise if you require Apple Mac assistance.

Flexible = no specific equipment in room but all equipment can be provided on request including exhibition stands, PCs, lighting, extra power, sound plus tables and chairs.


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