Conference Facilities

Conference Rates and Capacities

The University of Limerick Conference and Sports Campus will work with you and your budget to meet your financial requirements.  The following packages are used as a guide but do contact one of our Event Managers for a full proposal based on your individual event requirements.

Listed below are our room hire rates per day


 Main Building

Room NameStyle/Set-upCapacityRoom Hire Rates
Jean Monnet Theatre 320 On Request
EGO10 Exhibition/Catering 50-300 On Request
Johnathan Swift Theatre 250 On Request
Charles Parsons Theatre 100 On Request
John Holland Theatre 100 On Request
C1-058 Classroom 50 On Request
C1-059 Classroom 60 On Request
C1-060 Classroom 60 On Request
C1-061 Classroom 60 On Request
C1-062 Classroom 40 On Request

  Exhibitors are charged €250 for 3 x 2 sq meters with a table and chair.


Kemmy Business School

Room NameStyle/Set-upCapacityRoom Hire Rates
KBG12 Theatre 360 On Request
KBG13 Tiered classroom 50 On Request
KBG14 Tiered classroom 50 On Request
KBG15 Tiered classroom 50 On Request
KBG10 Classroom 48 On Request
KBG11 Classroom 48 On Request
KB117 Classroom 48 On Request
KB118 Classroom 30 On Request
Computer Lab Classroom 30 On Request


University Concert Hall (Foundation Building)

Room NameStyle/Set-upCapacityRoom Hire Rates
University Concert Hall Theatre 1000 On Request
FG042 Theatre 250 Included in Price
FB028 Theatre 150 Included in Price
UCH Atrium Exhibition/Catering 100-1000 Included in Price

 Exhibitors are charged €250 for 3 x 2 sq meters with a table and chair.


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