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Short Tips for Organising a Successful Event


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Handy Hints For Conference Organisers

  • Pick the most suitable dates for the delegates
  • Download a conference checklist from the Meet in Ireland website
  • Attend related conferences and meetings to promote
  • Design a website with the most appropriate content, images and links.
  • Try to not stray away from the University of Limerick branding strategy
  • Include simple calls to action on all correspondence 
  • Use either Garamond or Futura font for all marketing material.
  • Verdana or Ariel Fonts are the most suitable for web compatibility.
  • Nobody enjoys filling out forms so make it as simple as possible
  • Contact Campus Life Services to learn about the Travel Fund
  • Follow the official University of Limerick media presences
  • Hire a photographer to make your delegates feel special

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