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Blas Traditional Musicians

The University of Limerick Conference and Sports Campus is an excellent choice for summer schools.  Our beautiful campus offers an educational environment for young people and adults to learn and have some fun. Summer Schools for teenagers, adults and children take place each year which involve academic, music, cultural and sporting programmes.

Summer Schools are a significant part of the university ethos, allowing students to prepare for modules ahead of the semester, giving future students the opportunity to learn possible courses and interesting subjects, promoting collaboration and stimulating networking in a setting devoted to developing skills and creating new opportunities.

All our classrooms are equipped with the ideal facilities for Summer School tutors and often facilitate classroom style discussion and stimulating debate. With over 30 classrooms to choose from and numerous dedicated Summer School buildings there are plenty of opportunities to host educational programmes on campus.

Staying in the university villages allows the attendees to experience life as a university student and it has a huge benefit to all the summer camps held on campus. A choice of accommodation in houses or apartments with en suite rooms and shared communal areas is available for all groups.

The Sports Facilities at the University of Limerick also provide a perfect platform for developing team building activities and incorporating group bonding events into Summer School programmes. Swimming, rafting, archery, canoeing, field sports and rugby are only a few of the sporting activities that can be catered for.

The many Summer Schools taking place on campus include:

  • Blas - Annual Irish Traditional Music Summer School
  • Annual Summer School for Irish Studies
  • Whizz kids - Annual IT summer school for children aged 9 +
  • A wide range of high quality language programmes to suit both Irish and international students

Whether you enjoy participating in drama workshops, language classes, science labs, music recitals or sporting events the University of Limerick can provide the ideal Irish location and atmosphere for your Summer School. Contact the Events Team

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In 2013, Campus Life Services launched the very successful Campus Holidays experience. Campus Holidays has extended it's offer period to June - August inclusive (depending on availability).  The campus is an ideal hub for families and visitors to the West of Ireland. University of Limerick has facilities for all the family to enjoy, including: attractive apartments in landscaped villages, a 50m swimming pool, 5 km of cycle tracks, a concert hall and plenty of restaurants. Visit for more information